Our Commitment to


Vulf Open Source Merch

  • What?

    Vulfpeck's Vulf Open Source Merch project lets fans design and sell their own band merchandise, splitting profits 50-50 with the band. This innovative project promotes creativity, community engagement, and open source collaboration, all while providing a new revenue stream for the band. It's a testament to Vulfpeck's commitment to its fans and its willingness to explore new ways of connecting with its audience.

  • Why?

    It benefits both Vulfpeck and us - the fans. For the band, it provides a new revenue stream without requiring additional effort or investment. For fans, it offers a chance to showcase creativity, connect with other fans, and support the band. The 50-50 profit split ensures equal benefits for both parties. The project shows how bands can engage with fans in new ways, creating a thriving community while generating additional revenue.

  • How?

    The Vulf Open Source Merch project operates on a decentralized model that allows fans to create and sell their own merchandise independently. To participate, vulf.store - on a monthly basis - sends Vulfpeck a direct, open report of revenue and profit. The total profit for the month is split in half. We keep half, Vulfpeck's PayPal is sent the other. It's our goal to get Vulf merch in the hands of as many fans as possible. It's our pleasure - Let's rock.

"Vulf Merch Is now Open Source. Anyone can create Vulf merch. What's the catch? No real catch. [...] Could you lie about it? Yeah. It's on the honor system. This is an honor culture."