The Classic Woody Goss Line

Our line of "Classic Woody Goss Line" merchandise.

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The V Collection

Our line of Vulfs "V" Merch.

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About vulf.store

  • Who Are We?

    vulf.store is merchandise by fans, for fans. Operated by WGP Solutions LLC (with experience in the musical-artist-keepsakes niche), our goal is to reliably deliver quality, smile-inducing keepsakes at affordable prices. All while supporting Vulfpeck.

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  • #VOSM? What?

    50% of our profits go directly to Vulfpeck. Full Stop. Our commitment to the Vulf Open Source Merch network is always in First Place. Monthly, along with their proceeds, we send Vulfpeck a detailed report of our sales and profits - so they know what's selling, why, and to who.

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  • Is This Official Merch?

    Yes and no. The Vulf Open Source Merch project allows for merchants like vulf.store to sell 'Vulfpeck merch' - if 50% of the profits are shared with the band. While we are not officially affiliated with Vulfpeck, our stuff is officially awesome and we directly support them financially - we're fully committed to #VOSM.

    what is #VOSM? 
  • Are returns offered?

    vulf.store // WGP Solutions LLC take great pride in providing outstanding customer service. Order issues happen. Minds change. We want you to be satisfied. If you've got a problem, we'll talk to gether. It's our pleasure. Let's rock.

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